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Protecta Reel Lube

One Drop of ProTecta Reel Lubricant can withstand 80,000 pounds of pressure! So no matter how big the catch is, ProTecta will maintain a film of lubricant even under the most extreme pressure. If you are looking for incredibly smooth operation and great equipment life then look no further! The needle stick applicator allows you to place one drop exactly where you want it. No need to clean up the excess! With a temperature range from –50 to +300 ºC you will get all season protection. No longer will your reel be sluggish on those cold winter mornings or weeping on a hot day in the tropics! You can use ProTecta Reel Lubricant with complete confidence as its advanced synthetic formula won’t swell rubbers or cause plastics to perish. It is light enough to use on bearings but also has an incredible desire to cling to metal making it suitable for gears and exterior components. One versatile product! In both salt and fresh water, ProTecta will resist wash off and facilitate corrosion prevention.
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