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Jackall Chibitarel 130mm, 43.5 grams, Floating

The Chibitarel is fast becoming a go to lure for Murray Cod and Barra fisherman. It’s natural swimming action and ability to turn backwards on itself when softly twitched is irresistible to big cod and barra. This lure is ideal when chasing highly pressured fish in clear water or when the fish wont commit to striking larger swim baits. With a combination of both realistic colours and contrasting colours there is a Chibitarel to suit any situation. Adding a chin weight can send the Chibitarel to any depth you wish. A high rod tip retrieve will have it waking the surface and a low tip will allow the lure to swim down to a meter.

Jackall Gigantarel

This new Gigantic bait is a huge 200mm and 5.4oz, making it one of Jackalls biggest baits to date.  Its

Jackall Mask Vibe

Extremely successful on both saltwater & freshwater species. The original soft vibe introduced to Australian waters. The Jackall Mask vibe with it’s natural vibration, tungsten internals, soft elastomer body, natural body scales, prominent eyes and high end paint finish form possibly the most versatile fish catching tool in your box. Slow wind, fast wind, burn and kill, hopped along the bottom or jigged verticle, this lure does it all.

Jackall Mega Pompadour

The Mega Pompadour is the bigger brother to the massively popular Pompadour. The larger body profile and larger winds allows this topwater lure to throw some massive wake and surface disturbance. This action calls in predators over a large distance making this lure suitable for dams and river applications. The combination of metal wings, larger internal ball bearings and glass beads this lure produces a unique sound many fish haven’t heard before Built tough the Mega Pompadour is designed for mega Murray Cod. The Mega Pompadour has a magnetic weight casting system inside which allows the lure to be cast longer distances and more accurately.

Jackall Megalo Dunkle 9″

MEGALO DUNKLE Designed by Takuma Hata – a renowned Japanese angler. This lure was designed for Magnum impact with the action to go along side it.  The largest in the dunkle series – this lure is 9″ Great size for targeting BIG MURRAY COD and BARRA..

Jackall Mikey 140

The Mikey consists of  a 3 piece body design which produce a slithering snake like action.  This is the perfect bait to attract any surface/sub-surface feeder.  

Jackall Squirrel

Hank Tune Silent Version Suspend SuperDD Squirrel79 Hank Tune(Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awonga. Monduran and Faust. And the northern river systems where a steep dive is required. The Squirrels fish catching ability goes much further than any other jerkbait on the market.

Jackall Squirrel 115

The 115 Super Squirrel from Jackall has arrived, and the timing is perfect with the Barra dams firing at the moment and fish around the magic metre becoming far more common captures. The Squirrel has long been regarded as the best hardbody jerkbait for Barra, and the bigger version will certainly get some serious attention.

Jackall TN 60

The most successful freshwater tournament winning lure in Australian history! Nothing short of a sensation… First exploding onto the impoundment bass scene, TN’s are now proving their worth in a variety of fresh and salt applications. Available in 50mm (8.8g), 60mm (12.5g), 65mm (21.3g) & 70mm (17.6g) models Rattling & Silent combos

Jackall Transam 95

The Jackall Transam 95 has quickly become one of the most successful soft vibes to hit the shores of Australia. This lure has accounted for an incredible number of trophy Barramundi, jew, threadfin salmon, bass, yellow belly, cod, snapper, flat head and the list goes on. The Transam 95 differs from that of other vibes by utilizing the tungsten weight system to help with the action of the lure. Its ability to vibrate at slower speeds and slalom on the drop has proven a winner amongst anglers. This lure is effective across a wide range of retrieves from vertically vibing through schools of fish or casting over flats and hopping back to the boat, its versatility is its biggest asset. Available in a huge array of fish catching colours this lure is equally at home in both fresh and salt water. The Jackall Transam 95 is a must for any lure angler.