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Double Clutch 115

The Double Clutch has been a staple across light-tackle anglers for many years now. Renowned for its incredible darting action,
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Jackall Squirrel

Hank Tune Silent Version Suspend SuperDD Squirrel79 Hank Tune(Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awonga. Monduran and Faust. And the northern river systems where a steep dive is required. The Squirrels fish catching ability goes much further than any other jerkbait on the market.
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Jackall Squirrel 115

The 115 Super Squirrel from Jackall has arrived, and the timing is perfect with the Barra dams firing at the moment and fish around the magic metre becoming far more common captures. The Squirrel has long been regarded as the best hardbody jerkbait for Barra, and the bigger version will certainly get some serious attention.
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